lunedì 18 luglio 2016

Let's see what appened on May 21...

During the 21 of May we went in San Marino for the IDS with our trouble makers: Yewberry's lues to Kukkola and Kukkola He Won't Go.
And guess what have taken home that two?

 The Best Young title and the 2nd Best Male position for our young lovely Yewberry's Blues to Kukkola (photo below)! Well done, lovely boy!

And it's not the end! Kukkola He Won't Go have been in a really perfect shape that day 'cause he gained CAC, CACIB, BOB and the 2nd position in BOG only for himself! That's a very great job, our sweet devilboy!

A special thanks goes to Alessia Corradini and Martina Piva for their precious help. We have really appreciated your

A couple of stars shines on Forlì

At the end of April, on 23th, we went in Forlì within our young two dogs, Kukkola Fifty Shade of Gold and Yewberry's Blues to Kukkola, for the International Dog Show.  And we could proudly say that our big puppies have shined on the ring!
Kukkola Fifty Shade of Gold gained the VP1 fron the judge and took home the Best Junior title! Great job, sweety!

And last but not least, Yewberry's Blues to Kukkola got an Ecc fron the judge and the 1st position in his category as well as the 2nd placement in the Best Male!
Very good, you dear devilboy!