lunedì 4 aprile 2016

Great job, our lovely boy!

Today we have a great news:
our handsome big puppy, Yewberry's Blues to Kukkola, got the prestigious title of San Marino Young Champion! 
Very well done, sweetheart, we're so proud of you!

Here you have the trophy won by our lovely boy!

Here we have our lovely devilboy, the new champion! 
Congrats, our dear doggy!

But that's not the end! In fact during the 3rd of April we were in San Marino for the IDS and guess what?
That little champion conquer the Best Young title and the 3rd position in the BIS!
Another time: great job, our lovely boy!
You're keeping on make us very proud of you!

We're also really proud of our dear sweety Kukkola Jambo Jambo which were with us with his owner, Fabrizio Nannotti, and which took home the first place in his category and the BOB title!
Good job you too, dear one!

sabato 2 aprile 2016

Where we were for April's Fool?

Guess where we were on April 1st?
In San Marino, for the Specialty with our lovely Yewberry's Blues to Kukkola!
And you know what? He cames back home with the 1st place in the Young Class and a great Ecc from the judge.
Good job our little cutie, very good job!

The time passes... But the puppies are still puppies (only a little... bigger).

 After all the time that's passed you'll ask: where are the puppies? How are they?
Well, they're in great hands, of course! And they're all grown up but, despite everything, they're still playing and having fun like puppies! 
So, do you want to see them? 
Here some photos for you all!

''When could I open my present?''

''What? Do you want this sachet? 
...But, it's mine!'' 

''Uh? Digging in the garden? Me?
But of course no, mommy!'' 

''Who wants to meet my new friends? They're sooo fun!''

''Daddy! Mommy! Look at us!
Aren't us beautiful?''

''Could... Could I play with this? Please?
I promise I'll not broke it!'' 

''You know what, daddy? I'll always be you big puppy! Are you happy? Then hug me, please!''

''Come and get a walk with the brothers!''

''I've seen you this time, cat. I swear I've seen you. And I would take an eye on you, it's a promise...''