sabato 21 novembre 2015

Where are the puppies gone?

Hello, guys! It's November, right now, and all the puppies have finally found a new home with new owners who will love them and bring happiness to them as much as they will do for their human parthners. Some of them are gone far away, one in Germany and one in Austria, but we'll keep them in our hearts and in the ones of their new lovely families.
Only the seet Kukkola Love Someone is with us anymore, waiting for their owners to bring her to her new home, in Germany.

But now, How about have a look at some photos of the puppies with their new families?

Here we have the little Kukkola Human Soul, thet belongs to Fulvio Cellai, that is taken some cuddles from his new owner. 

And here our dear Kukkola Hold my Hand between the arms of her new owner, Elisa Dal Borgo. 

While here there's the little Kukkola Thinking Out Load, with the dear Rita Moretti. 
Here it is the adorable Kukkola Hey Mama with her new mother, Rossella Pardelli!

And here we hare with Kukkola Rather Be, of Franca Bertolini, and his new special friends to play with. Have fun you all! 

And here we have our Kukkola Beating Heart of Andrea and Silvia Magri, all of them sit comfortable, having cuddles between her owner's arms. 
Dulcis in fundo, we have Kukkola Lean On with Yewberries, with his new fantastic family, Alfred and Birgit Schneeweis.
Enjoy the Austria, our little one!

And here our cutie is with his owner, Alfred. But where's mom?

...Please, don't think that the photo of our lovely puppies are out yet! We're plenty of them, a charge of sweetness and cheerfulness ready to bring with it everyone, even through the photos: here there are, only for you!

''Uff, posing... We don't want to posing! But... We'll gain coockies if we do that. Mmh, coockies...''

''Let's play with friends!'' 

  ''Let's play with...                                                                                    Stefano! Attack!''
''With Valentina we' re quiet and take cuddles, for now... ''
''But then we run wild... With mom! Yay! ''

''And after that, finally, all alone, having fun in different places!''

  ''Mh what could I do now?''  

 ''We're tired... Sooo much tired!''

''Aren't we adorable?'' 


 ''What are you look at, uh?''
 ''Do you want to know what I take? It's a secret!'' 
 ''Wait, wait, wait me, I'm coming!''

We're back... From Slovenia!

On 9 and 10 of November we were in Slovenia, at the international dog show, with our beautiful Kukkola Jambo Jambo, whose owner is Lars Porsenna Golden, who make us dreamed while he was on the ring!

 Here we were in Sempeter, on 9November, where our big puppy has taken the first place in his category, with a beautiful Ecc from the judge, and has won CAC, CACIB, BOB and BOG!

Ane here we were in Vjtorba, the day after, where Kukkola Jambo Jambo made us proud, winng the forst place in his category, obtaining another Ecc, and taking back home CAC, CACIB, BOB and BOG again!
Good job, our lovely boy! We love you so much!

A special thanks goes to Matteo too, that has presented our champion on the ring. Well done, Matteo, and thak you very much!