venerdì 26 aprile 2013

25/04 2013 Club Show Orvieto

Fantastic Day  for our  dog's ...

Gilda's Burberry  Ecc2 RIS CAC 
 Kukkola Jambo-Jambo Exc  Owner Nannotti

Kukkola He Wan't Go Ecc2 (young)

Kukkola Someone Like You  Ecc5 Owner Galasso
Kukkola Isn't She Lovely VP5 Owner Nannotti 

 A golden heart  to  all of  my friends  how helped me  with evrything!!Photos is comming !!


sabato 13 aprile 2013

13/04 2013 Cacib Campobasso

Kapplandet's Shan Nan Ershiwu Ecc1 CAC CACIB BOB 2nd in group!!!!!!
Kukkola Someone Like You Ecc1 (youngclass) BEST Young and  BOS !!!!!

Im Very Proud   about  our dog's ..well done ,,,,way  to go !!

venerdì 12 aprile 2013

My Boy's

Kukkola Thriller
Kukkola Thriller ( Gilda's Acteur -Kukkola Zibbibo Sweet Wine)
Gilda's Acteur ( Stanroph Sailor's Swansong-Gilda's Kissing Cousin)

Kukkola Loch Morar
Gilda's Acteur
Gilda's Burberry ( Combine Hennessy-Gilda's Sky is The Limit)

Kukkola Loch Morar

Gilda's Burberry

lunedì 8 aprile 2013

7/04 2013 Club Show Nola

Kukkola Someone Like You Ecc2  at  her  first out in youngclass

Kapplandet's Shan Nan Ersiwu Ecc5 in Openclass

7/04 2013 CAC SIENA

Kukkola Jambo-Jambo Ecc3  Owner Fabrizio Nannotti
Kukkola All in Love Is Fair VP1 and BEST JUNIOR!  Owner Sara Gentili ( Goldenflowers)

7/04 2013 CAC Bologna

A lovely weekend i must say..
 Un Weekend fantastico....                                                         Kukkola Thriller  Ecc2 ris CAC                                            Kukkola Private Dancer Ecc1 CAC and BOS.
Thank You Matteo Morani  for  showing our dogs  so perfectly.
Thank you to all friends  how helped me !Photo is comming.!

6/04 2013 Cacib Ferrara

Gilda's Burberry Ecc1 RIS CAC
Kukkola Private Dancer Ecc2 from intermediate class.!
 Thank you  Alessandra for  your  help.

31/ 03 2013 CACIB Rimini

Kukkola Loch Morar  Ecc1 CAC CACIB BOB
Kukkola Jamboo-Jamboo Ecc2 RIS CAC CACIB  Owner Fabrizio Nannotti.