giovedì 30 agosto 2012

Planned Litter Wesh Springer Spaniel

Kukkola Loch Morar
Geltman's Grand Version
We  are planning  a  fantastic litter .. please call  for further information!.

Our Puppies out of Gilda's Burberry -Let It Be to Kukkola

Gilda's Burberry
Let It Be To Kukkola
Puppies are born  5 boy's and 4  girls.

lunedì 27 agosto 2012

Gilda's Burberry

Thank You Lena Stenius  again for another fantastic male  how is   just amazing  in what he  is leaving in his  puppies ..and for sure i will make him  A BIG STAR ..He is  just  the one and the only !!! "":LOL

My Lovely young boy Genuine Redskin became JR .CH of SAN MARINOn and also won JR BEST IN SHOW,..

Genuine Redskin  JR CH San MARINO and winning also JR  BEST IN SHOW !!
My  beloved  Genuine Redskin  is   now living  with  his breeder Francesca .. I miss  him a lot  but sometimes  you  just have  to  do something  your  never  wanted to do !! I  think  he  will be  very happy   with  them!

sabato 25 agosto 2012

25/08 2012 Dogshow San Marino

Gilda's Burberry
 Our  wonderfull Berry  today  at San Marino CAC1   got Ecc2 ris CAC   at the CAC2   he won Ecc1 CAC BOB  and BOG2..WEll Done to Matteo..Thank  you to Andrea  Matteo  and Lorena  !!!

25/08 2012 Dogshow San Marino

Kukkola Private Dancer
Genuine Redskin ...JR BEST IN SHOW 
Thank you Andrea Matteo  and Lorena  for  your help..we did  very well again  with our dogs   We  now  have 2 JR.CH of SAN MARINO 2012..Very happy  about them..!!