lunedì 1 febbraio 2010

Expo Zaragoza 2

24.01.2010 Internationale specialshow Zaragoza, Mrs Agneta Carnell
Gildas Acteur Ecc 3 with Antonio (Ria Vela). Well Done

Expo Zaragoza

23.01.2010 Zaragoza Retrievers Club Spagnolo. CLUBSHOW Giudice Anne Woodcock:

Gildas Acteur 1 Ecc RCAC.

We really enjoyed to meet all nice people in Spain and for sure we will be back again

Gildas Acteur is at stud in Spain for a suitable females. He is living with Antonio and Paloma (Kennel RiaVela). He will stay in Spain until march. You meet him at sam shows the next weeks.